What Can You Do With a Dutch Oven: 7 Rules to Follow

A Dutch oven offers a wide range of culinary possibilities. It enables you to engage in various cooking techniques such as frying, simmering, stewing, roasting, baking, serving, and storing. This versatile kitchen tool opens up opportunities to create an array of delicious dishes. Some examples of what you can prepare using a Dutch oven include crispy bacon and eggs, delectable slow-cooked casseroles and stews, succulent roasted meats paired with vegetables, flavorful risottos, exotic ethnic recipes, mouthwatering desserts, and of course, the ability to bake a variety of delightful treats.

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What Can You Do With A Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven has the remarkable ability to replace a multitude of cooking appliances typically found in a kitchen. It can easily substitute crock pots, air fryers, and even conventional ovens. This makes it an ideal choice for campers and outdoor enthusiasts who rely on its convenience and versatility to prepare delicious and hearty meals effortlessly.

Today, we have the privilege of using enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens designed specifically for indoor cooking. These modern ovens not only possess the same cooking capabilities as their traditional outdoor coal cooking pot ancestors but also boast a stunning aesthetic appeal.

What Can You Do With a Dutch Oven: 7 Rules to Follow
Cooking with dutch ovens

It’s important to remember that there are two types of Dutch ovens that can help you create incredible and healthy meals. Firstly, there are the enameled Dutch ovens designed for indoor cooking. Secondly, there are the traditional seasoned cast-iron Dutch ovens that have been used outdoors for centuries but can also be used in your kitchen with proper care.

While Dutch ovens are often associated with hearty slow-cooked dishes, where the meat becomes tender at the mere touch of a fork, they are capable of much more. There is a wide range of recipes you can explore and prepare using a Dutch oven beyond traditional stews, allowing you to expand your culinary horizons.

7 Rules to Follow When Using a Dutch Oven

Inspect Your Dutch Oven

Whether you opt for a seasoned cast-iron Dutch oven or an enamel Dutch oven, it is crucial to ensure that it remains in optimal condition for safe and effective cooking.

To achieve this, it is essential to inspect various components of the Dutch oven, including the oven itself, the handle, the lid, and the lid’s loop handle. During the inspection, be vigilant for any signs of cracks, chipping, warping, and assess the overall condition of the seasoning or enamel coating.

The lid plays a crucial role in trapping steam inside the Dutch oven, aiding in the cooking process. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the lid fits correctly. Warping or damage to the lid or the oven itself may hinder its proper functionality.

Regularly checking the condition of your Dutch oven, not only when you first purchase it but also on a routine basis, will help ensure your safety and maintain the Dutch oven in excellent working condition.

dutch ovens
cooking with a dutch oven

Seasoning and Cleaning Your Dutch Oven

When unboxing a new Dutch oven it should be treated the same as you would anything new clean it before its first use and season it if necessary.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

While it is true that most cast-iron Dutch ovens available today come pre-seasoned by manufacturers, this initial seasoning typically serves as a light protective coating. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the item from moisture during transportation and storage, ensuring that when you open the box, the Dutch oven appears shiny, new, and ready for use.

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If you are interested in learning more about seasoning a new Dutch oven or properly seasoning cast iron before its first use, I recommend checking out my article. It provides valuable information and guidance on this topic.

Enamel Dutch Oven

Occasionally, our purchases may not be flawless when we bring them home. It’s important to inspect the enamel surface of the Dutch oven for any signs of compromise, such as chips, splinters, or cracks. Similarly, if you have a seasoned cast-iron oven, check for any warping issues and ensure that the lid fits tightly to retain steam inside the oven during cooking.

To properly prepare your Dutch oven for use, start by washing it with warm soapy water to remove any residues or impurities. After washing, make sure to dry the oven thoroughly before proceeding with your cooking preparations.

Compromised Dutch Oven


In the event that you discover a defect or fault with your new Dutch oven, the decision on how to proceed is entirely up to you. However, if you encounter any issues or concerns, I would personally recommend considering the option of returning the Dutch oven and requesting a replacement. Ensuring that you have a fully functional and satisfactory product is important, and returning a faulty item can provide you with the opportunity to obtain a new Dutch oven that meets your expectations.


If you have acquired a pre-loved Dutch oven, consider yourself fortunate. Just like with a new one, it is important to thoroughly inspect it to ensure its condition and understand what you are working with. Keep in mind that these little workhorses can get extremely hot, so exercise caution during use.

dutch ovens
Dutch oven can cook many dishes


When cooking with Dutch ovens, it is crucial to use the appropriate utensils for both seasoned cast-iron ovens and enamel ovens. Take into account the following considerations:

1. Utensils: Opt for non-abrasive utensils made of materials such as wood, silicone, or nylon. These utensils help prevent scratching or damaging the surface of the Dutch oven, whether it is seasoned cast iron or enamel.

2. Avoid metal utensils: Refrain from using metal utensils, such as knives, forks, or metal spatulas, as they can scrape or chip the surface of the Dutch oven, especially in the case of enamel-coated ovens.

3. Silicone or wooden utensils: Silicone or wooden utensils are ideal choices as they are gentle on the Dutch oven’s surface and provide effective stirring, flipping, and serving.

By using the appropriate utensils, you can protect the integrity of your Dutch oven, whether it is a seasoned cast-iron or enamel oven, and ensure its longevity for many delicious meals to come.

 Choosing the Correct Heat Source

Enamel cast-iron Dutch oven

Enamel cast-iron Dutch ovens are specifically designed for indoor use. There are two primary reasons for this. Firstly, the enamel coating is not resistant to the direct heat of briquettes or campfire flames, leading to potential wear and damage. Secondly, exposing an enamel oven to extreme temperatures can cause the enamel to melt, chip, crack, or warp.

To ensure the longevity of your enamel Dutch oven, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the appropriate heat sources. Typically, you can safely use it on most stoves or cooktops, as well as in your conventional oven, as long as you adhere to the recommended temperature ranges provided by the manufacturer. By doing so, you can enjoy the benefits of your enamel Dutch oven while preserving its quality and performance.

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Traditional cast-iron Dutch oven

Dutch ovens made of raw iron require seasoning before use. The seasoning process serves two purposes: firstly, it protects the oven from the elements that can lead to rust, and secondly, it creates a natural non-stick barrier between the iron and the food, preventing sticking during cooking.

These seasoned cast-iron Dutch ovens are ideal for outdoor cooking and campfire use. By following a specific formula, you can strategically place the required amount of briquettes or coals both underneath the oven and on the inverted lid to achieve the desired cooking temperature for preparing a variety of meals.

dutch ovens
cook stock with dutch oven

Choose the Right Recipe

We all have our beloved recipes, the ones our families request repeatedly. These are the meals we could prepare with our eyes closed. Whenever I embark on a new eating plan or diet, one of the first things I consider is how I can adapt those recipes to be cooked in my Dutch oven, ensuring that the whole family will enjoy them.

I’ve discovered that when approaching cooking with a new kitchen appliance, it’s helpful to apply a similar mindset. By starting with our favorite dishes and achieving success with them using the Dutch oven, we can gradually explore the multitude of cooking techniques and possibilities it offers. This way, we are more likely to embrace and stick with this versatile cooking tool.

Preparation Before Cooking

Cooking with a Dutch oven offers the convenience of a one-pot cooking experience. While some recipes may involve sautéing ingredients like onions or garlic, or browning meat before adding other components, it’s important to be well-prepared.

I highly recommend having all your ingredients cut, chopped, and measured beforehand, ready to be added to the Dutch oven. This approach allows you to seamlessly proceed with the entire cooking process without interruptions such as having to heat up the oven or temporarily remove it from the heat source to prepare the next ingredient. By being organized and having everything readily available, you can maintain a smooth and efficient cooking flow.

So for me, it is always as easy as the five steps below…

  1. Cut, chop, dice, and measure
  2. Saute, brown, or simmer
  3. Add other ingredients
  4. Add liquid
  5. Cook dish as per recipe requirements either stovetop, oven, or stovetop then oven

The Clean Up

Seasoned Dutch Oven

After every use, I simply use water cold, warm, or hot whatever is required. A nylon pad, scourer, or brush again whatever is required – elbow grease. If food is stuck you can fill it, boil water, and use an appropriate tool to assist the particles to separate from the iron.

Dry the oven immediately with a towel, you can lightly season if required then store away from humidity.

dutch oven
clean up

Enameled Dutch Oven

Similar to a seasoned oven, an enamel Dutch oven can be cleaned using soapy water. However, it is important to handle the (typically delicate) enamel coating with care. Just like seasoned cast iron, the enamel requires gentle treatment to ensure optimal performance and longevity over time. By treating your enamel Dutch oven with care, you can enjoy its benefits and functionality for an extended period.

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My favorites dutch oven

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

The durable Dutch oven is available in a variety of attractive colors and comes in six different sizes, ranging from 2.75 quarts to 15.5 quarts. Made of enameled cast iron, this pot is dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze. What’s more, it is suitable for use on all cooktops, including electric and induction, and can safely be used in the oven at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven
Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

View in Amazon

During our testing, we particularly enjoyed the convenience of the large loop handles, which allowed for easy gripping even with oven mitts on. The heavy-duty lid was simple to place on and remove when needed. Thanks to its oval shape, we encountered no difficulties fitting a large cut of meat, making it perfect for roasting substantial items like whole chickens or baking bread loaves. The pot heated water quickly and efficiently, reaching a rolling boil in just over 10 minutes.

While the onions caramelized evenly for the most part, some outer corner onions appeared paler than those in the center due to the oval shape. Overall, this Dutch oven proved to be sturdy and dependable, consistently delivering near-perfect results. With a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from, it can be easily customized to suit any household’s needs. Le Creuset’s Dutch ovens not only function exceptionally well but also serve as an eye-catching addition to your tabletop. When properly cared for, these Dutch ovens can be cherished cookware pieces that will last for years to come.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron 5-Quart Round Covered Casserole

Cuisinart’s Dutch oven performed impressively well in our cooking tests, earning a high ranking. It’s important to note that, overall, the variations in performance among the Dutch ovens tested were minimal. Despite its smaller 5-quart capacity, this pot boasts a spacious base that can comfortably accommodate a substantial amount of food, surpassing many larger competitors in this aspect. The Cuisinart Dutch oven offers excellent value for money, as it costs significantly less than premium French brands.

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven
Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

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However, it’s worth mentioning that some online reviews have reported instances of chipping or cracking enamel, which could potentially impact the pot’s long-term durability. In the event that the Cuisinart Dutch oven is unavailable, we discovered that the 5 and 1/2-quart Tramontina Dutch oven is a highly reliable alternative. Both brands exclusively offer their Dutch ovens in red or blue color options.

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven
Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

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Among the Dutch ovens we tested, the Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven stands out as being exceptionally user-friendly. While most Dutch ovens perform similarly well in cooking, the Lodge model offers distinct advantages. The large handles are designed for a comfortable grip, even when using mitts or towels. Additionally, the slightly curved base prevents food from getting trapped in the corners, which can be an issue with more angular ovens. The Lodge Dutch oven features shorter sides and a wider base, allowing steam to escape more easily compared to deeper-walled pots. This not only facilitates a better sear on meat but also helps concentrate flavors during the cooking process, enhancing the overall taste of your dishes.

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