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This historic cooking web site contains thousands of links pertaining to open hearth, bake oven, wood stove and other pre WWI forms of cooking and related subjects. Included are more than 1,000 e-text historic cookbooks and about 300 museums with cooking demonstrations. Numerous catagories include glossaries, paintings, grist mills, clothing, menus, ethnic foods, and recipes.

I am in the process of changing the format of the website to more information and fewer links. Some links are crucial, such as the cookbooks and museums... and in the interim, if you find a link not working, copy the museum name or book title and paste on a search. I post articles with pictures on my blog "Researching Food History" and images on Pinterest.

The images and photos above are: stew stove and Reip oven, steam kitchen with metal oven and range, hearth and two beehive ovens, outside bake oven, soldier baking in the US Capitol building during Civil War, food from the hearth, Squirrel tail oven.

Please contact me, ( ) with any additions or corrections. Pat Reber

Visiting Museums

Demonstrations - at museums
Classes - Open hearth cooking classes at museums
Directory of Food & Beverage Museums

Cookbooks, Glossaries, Research

Cookbooks online - by Date and Author

Glossaries of Historic Cooking Terms, Brewing, Plants, Spices, Diseases, Ingredients, and Culinary Timelines
Converting Historic Measurements

Probate Inventories online
Newspapers, Manuscripts, Government Docs online
Herbals and early garden books
Receipt manuscripts in print and online
Library Collections, Archives and Historical Societies, Museum Libraries
Article - Research at the Library of Congress
Research article - Historical Societies; Archives
Research article -using historic culinary e-text collections

Related to historic cooking

Culinary Historians Groups, Journals & historic food websites
Blogs on Food History and Podcasts
Art, photos, images of food/cooking/dining
Stocking the Larder - Suppliers of historical food Ingredients
Grist Mills still operating, selling flours, corn meal, grits
Markets & Historic Food Prices
Slaves and Indentured Servants
Teacher Resourses K-12
Care and preservation of kitchenware
Dressing the part: Pictures, Patterns, Dry goods
Historic Menus

Cooking apparatus

Stew stoves
Rumford Kitchens: roaster, fireplace, range
Ovens, Iron wall - Rumford Roaster, Reip Oven
Ovens, Beehive
Ovens, Squirrel-tail
Steam Kitchens
Cook Stoves - Wood, Coal, Gas - in museums
Ranges - Yorkshire Range working (video)
Smoke, clockwork, bottle, and steam jacks
Fireless Cookers

Kitchen tools

Cooking and eating utensils - Online Galleries
Refrigerators – Thomas Moore 1803; Mary Randolph 1825
Cannon balls and Mustard
Potting Pots and Potted Meats
Muffin Rings
Patty Pans and Queen Cakes
Sugar chests, desks, tables
Candy thermometers
Summer Kitchens


Soup tureen
Mustard Casters, mustard pots
Gentlemen’s Dinner with ladies
Chair Screen
Chamber Horse, exercise chairs

Ethnic foods in America

Ethnic cookbooks and reference books
US Local and Regional Food Icons
Ethnic Dining and Food Festivals in DC, MD & VA


Index of Recipes posted on website and blog
BEVERAGES Index: Cocoa, Beer, Egg Nog, Wassail, Iced Tea, Mint Juleps
DESSERT Index: Cakes, Cookies, Biscuits, Pies, Puddings
Military food history - Wartime rations, homefront rationing, victory gardens

Monthly topics

Past Pictures of the Month
Past Recipes of the Month

Researching Food History - my weekly blog

Cooking and Dining through History Blog


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